Varida Kautner, Ph.D.

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Marriage and Family Therapist


Washington State License MFT.LF.60591254
California State License MFT31124

​If you've been feeling overwhelmed and unclear about your future, it may mean that talking to someone with an objective and compassionate point of view is a good idea. My approach is humanistic and transpersonal. My philosophy is that we were born with everything we need to be a "complete" and authentic person, but that sometimes we manage to lose sight of who we are at our core. I am there to help you to remember and to love that person.

The form of psychotherapy I use the most to achieve mind-body-spirit harmony is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Originally, EMDR primarily addressed PTSD and other complex trauma situations. Now EMDR has become a powerful tool in treatment of anxiety, depression, dissociative identity disorders, and personality disorders, in addition to PTSD. 

I work with many people in the military—both active duty and veterans. Our sessions address the unique situations that are normally not experienced by civilians as well as those universal experiences that are. In every case, it is the client that determines the scope and pace of treatment. That is, you determine what you want to focus on and also can say "Stop" if you feel as though you have done as much work as you can. I will offer input for ways in which you can resolve issues that have followed you around for some or most of your lifetime.

I also work with LGBTQ individuals. This population is often misunderstood by society, which can lead to hiding one's true self, i.e. staying closeted. Together we work to help overcome depression, shame, and fears of rejection and celebrating their uniqueness and authenticity.

When we meet, we will identify your most pressing concerns and then create a treatment plan that enables you to feel confident with your choices and actions. My job is not to tell you how to lead your life, but to walk along with you and to help you to trust your instincts.