Varida Kautner, Ph.D.

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Marriage and Family Therapist

I was born in Washington, DC (and, to this day, have yet to tour the White House!).  After high school, I went to the University of Maryland, where I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy. I spent twenty years doing P.T. and realized that my favorite part of the job was talking with and getting to know the patients I treated. It dawned on me that it was time to transition from the "body" segment of the mind-body-spirit trinity to the "mind" segment. So, after moving to California, I went back to school, got a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Santa Barbara, and became licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Forever wanting to learn new things, I returned to school and, in 2005, got a Doctorate degree in Psychology with a focus in Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology at Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center (now Saybrook University), San Francisco. 
In between all of this schooling, I managed to make three trips to India to explore my spirituality (completing the trinity). I currently live in Silverdale,Washington with my husband, Steve, our puppy Mika, and our cockatiel, Betty (a boy, whom I did not name), in Silverdale, Washington.
​That's me in a nutshell (pardon the pun).


Washington State License MFT.LF.60591254
California State License MFT31124